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  • Eaves

  • French doors

  • ​Shutters

  • ​Gates and metal fencing

  • ​Patios, pagodas, decks

  • Garage doors

  • Carports

  • Playhouses

  • ​Storages

  • Stucco

  • ​Window bars

  • Wood siding

We understand that painting the exterior of your home is an investment, that is why we go above and beyond to ensure your exterior paint is long lasting. 

  • Hand scrape, sand, caulk, patch, repair and prime your walls before painting.

  • We use only the primer proper for the surface being painted.

  • Sand all wood to be painted and sand between coats.

  • Wirebrush and repair all stucco.

  • Trowel at foundation.

  • Remove all loose putty and replace with new.

  • Remove all light fixtures before painting and install when complete.

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